Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

Every pregnancy and birth is different and I aim to provide yoga that suits your own needs at whatever stage you are.

Pregnancy is daunting/exciting/boring/joyful/uncomfortable/unpredictable* [delete as appropriate] period of your life and I aim to never assume or second-guess what you are feeling, what your path to pregnancy was like and what you envisage for your birth and future role as a parent.

This is my starting point when offering and planning my pregnancy and post-natal yoga classes. I offer a non-dogmatic safe approach that empowers you to choose how you want to practice.

While pregnancy is not a time to start smashing new flexibility or fitness goals, I do believe that being pregnant doesn’t mean being treated like you are ill and need to be wrapped in cotton wool [obviously certain medical situations require a greater degree of care or rest].

I aim to keep you mobile and moving as much as possible, building and maintaining strength, while also creating space for you to allow yourself to relax and restore your energy [particularly if you are juggling other children, various jobs, family commitments that absorb every other minute of your day].

When you reach your post-natal stage, I believe in doing the groundwork first. Building up slowly to restore connection to your body, including your pelvic floor, and introducing new movement patterns in a gradual way so you are eventually better equipped to carry out your day-to-day tasks of picking children up, running for trains or buses, returning to work or planning to return to stronger fitness classes/sports eventually.

As well as movement, my classes incorporate breathwork and relaxation to help new mothers manage any anxiety, stress or tiredness. I offer one-on-one and small group pregnancy yoga classes in Earlsfield, Wimbledon and Tooting/Balham [though happy to consider further afield locations]

Class Packages & Price Guide

One-off private classes start from £55 [£50 for your first session]

Packages of 5 or 10 classes can be purchased with the price per class starting from £45. [cost per class will take into consideration location/distance travelled etc]

I am happy to arrange small group classes as well of up to 3 or 4 people. Contact me for further details.

Pre-Natal Private

Pregnancy yoga designed to nurture you during this period of change.

Group Classes

Enjoy small group sessions with friends to share the pregnancy journey with.

Post-Natal Support

Post-natal yoga to support and uplift you as you move into a new phase of life.

Rebecca is a fantastic yoga teacher – her one to one lessons during my pregnancy helped me relax mentally, and I felt so much better physically after each session. I believe her classes really helped me get back in shape and build strength quicker after my baby arrived. Her expertise and knowledge combined with friendly manner made me feel so at ease. 

Lina – Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga Client

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