Yoga Videos

1. Prenatal Yoga – Breathe Deep

This is the first in a series of prenatal yoga videos that aim to provide you with a 15-minute break to explore your breath, move and realign. Even 15 minutes of being really aware of how you breathe can make such a difference.

[Sound now fixed – if you tried video earlier and couldn’t hear anything] 

Mums-to-be – Do let me know what you might want to cover in future videos.

2. Prenatal Yoga – Release the Shoulders

This is the second prenatal yoga sequence designed specifically for sore achy shoulders often aggravated as your pregnancy progresses and causes postural changes such as shoulders rolling forward or an exaggerated curve in the thoracic spine. Suitable for second and third trimesters with no complications. Seek professional medical advice if unsure.

3. Vinyasa Flows: De-Stress in the Evening Yoga

This is the first of (hopefully) a series of short 10 to 15 minute videos – all with a different focus. It is not a class for prenatal women though can be adapted.

This is a very short sequence to perhaps use in the evening after you get home from work or put the children to bed. Try to find a space in your home where you won’t be disturbed for at least ten minutes. You can choose to repeat some elements of this sequence to make it a little longer.

You could make it even more relaxing by turning off my voice 🙂 and perhaps put some music on. Get some blankets and eye pillows for ultimate relaxation!

4. Wake-Up and Revive Yoga

A second video – finally! A routine that takes around 15 minutes to complete but add your own additional moves if you fancy it. It is not a class for prenatal women though can be adapted. Put some music on and get moving. PS I will need to eventually work out how to include my upper body in the shot when I stand up – and not position myself so close to the drawers – I come close to banging my head! :-).

These videos are hopefully helpful (?) but also works in progress. If you want me to tackle anything specific in future videos do let me know. Enjoy x